Our Aim

Digiatrics aims to improve the health and outcomes of patients by helping them to take control of their medical problems. We want patients to feel that they are knowledgeable, confident, willing and active partners in the management of their health and wellbeing.


Digiatrics puts patients right at the heart of a community network of local support organisations by opening up communication channels between patients, NHS, social care, community groups, local businesses and charitable and voluntary providers.

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    • The Digiatrics Project is driven by our values - integrity and ethics, quality outcomes, a passion for success, patient autonomy through education and motivation, and improvements in health and wellbeing through partnership working and shared responsibility.

    Contact Us

      If you have a question regarding your health or medication please contact your health professional.

      You can contact Digiatrics by emailing contact@digiatrics.co.uk

    Welcome to DIGIATRICS.COM.

    Digiatrics is a new service designed to help people manage their health in the digital age. It is not a replacement for your doctor or nurse. Actually it has been developed to help patients and their health professionals work more effectively together, and to help people keep healthier and fitter so they don't develop medical problems in the first place.

    This decade sees the rise of the ePatient  - individuals who demand more responsibility and far greater involvement in the management of their health and wellbeing. We are all NHS 'clients' and we should expect to be included in all decisions about our health and treatment and to be active partners in the way we manage any problems.



    The NHS states that for patients there should be  'no decision about me, without me.'

    This is a good thing! As a patient, the more you understand about your health and any medical condition the easier you will find it to discuss and agree your treatment, your medication, and the lifestyle changes that will reduce the risk of complications and improve your outcome.

    You should feel that you are a knowledgeable and active partner in the management of your own health and any medical problems you may have.

    Digiatrics.com is therefore a resource for patients, prescribed for you by your health professional. If you have been given the use of Digiatrics and have been pre-registered by your doctor or nurse then you now have access to a comprehensive support system that is tailored to your needs and reflects the healthcare and support services available in your area.

    When you log in you will find education that will help you to manage your medical condition(s), information about your medication, tools to help you manage your disease, and a care-planning system that puts you in control and allows information to be shared with your health professional. There are also communication channels that enable you to chat with support groups and other similar patients living locally, and you'll be given access to local initiatives that will help you to keep fit and active.

    If you are visiting for the first time and have been pre-registered to use the system by your doctor or nurse, please complete your registration by following the instructions on the letter they gave you.