About Digiatrics

The Digiatrics W:ISH platform has been created by a group of like-minded health professionals, software developers, health educationalists and project managers, working together in partnership with academic institutions and the NHS.

Our core objectives are to:

Our Mission Statement

Digiatrics’ mission is to build lasting partnerships between patients, the public and the NHS that will see the population becoming more responsible for maintaining and improving their health and actively self-managing their medical conditions with the support and guidance of medical experts. Our key objective is to improve population health, patient outcomes and the quality of service provision whilst reducing demand on the NHS.


Digiatrics puts patients right at the heart of a comprehensive local community network of support organisations by opening up communication channels between patients, NHS, social care, community groups, charity and voluntary providers.

Our Values

The Digiatrics Project is driven by our values – integrity and ethics, quality outcomes, a passion for success, personal autonomy through education and motivation, and improvements in health and wellbeing through partnership-working and shared responsibility.

Our Aim

Digiatrics aims to help you to take control of your health, wellbeing and outcomes. We want you to feel that you are a knowledgeable, confident, willing and active partner in the management of your health and wellbeing.

We want everyone to Live Longer Better by reducing the rate of fitness loss and extending the period of healthy life.


If you have a question regarding your health or medication please contact your health professional.

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